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How to Find And Win New Business

How to Find And Win New Business

August 15, 2024 10:00 am
August 17, 2024 4:00 pm
The Professional Place 12B, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase2, Gbagada, Lagos   View map


Course Outline

Business development: overview and best practices

Business development: definition and scope

Account analysis and qualification: an overview

The new landscape of account management and BD

Understanding the buy-sell ladder model

Client classification: building an ideal client profile

Understanding and working the customer loyalty ladder

The business planning process

Using the STAR business planning process:

Strategic analysis

Targets and goals


Reality check

Conducting customer surveys to identify important service criteria

Preparing an account development plan

Building client chemistry with F.O.R.M

Re-defining your processes for breakthrough results

Reviewing the selling process

The selling process

Functional product/service/company knowledge

Unique/distinctive selling points

The sales competitors analysis form
Re engineering your team selling process to avoid mistaking motion for action

The value-added selling process

A simple framework for developing new business

Create and deploy weapons

Your best friend: the phone

Creating a client-centered code of conduct (DART model)

Designing and implementing key performance indicators

Creating a balanced scorecard (business performance audit)

Effective negotiation skills

The definition of negotiation

Some negotiation philosophies

The difference between persuading and negotiating

The five stages of the negotiation process

The critical rules of negotiation

The phases of the purchasing decision

Establishing relative importance of differentiators

Influencing decision criteria

Vulnerability analysis

Workshop: completing your negotiation plan

Building and leading the business development team

Stages in team formation

Building a high-performance team

Defining team roles

The team motivation mix

Management versus leadership

Practices of exemplary leaders (industry practices)

Writing business proposals that sell

Writing a typical business proposal

Formatting tips and tricks for winning proposals

The process of developing successful project proposals

Workshop: creating your own project proposal


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Event Details

How to Find & Win New Business

This course focuses on the tools and techniques required to develop new business. Without

them, sales will stagnate, and profits will drop. The course also addresses ways to maximize

the company’s profitability by fostering relationships with potential players and key decision

makers in the market. By attending this program, business development professionals will

acquire what they need to create and implement promotional drives in order to spur the

company’s market prospects and design cost-effective yet innovative options to boost sales.

Course Methodology

The course involves a variety of case studies and exercises to develop the right skills needed

to become a successful business development professional. Group presentations and self-

assessment tools are also available for the same purpose.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define the main functions and best practices in Business Development (BD)

Recognize the importance of re-defining business processes to match the ever-changing market and customer requirements

Produce clear sales and marketing differentiators to neutralize competition (value-

based proposition)

Design and use financial ratios and KPIs to measure their operations’ effectiveness

Use leadership, negotiation and power proposals to leverage their business and

lead the key account team


Target Audience

Sales reps, sales supervisors and managers, and account managers who would like to

professionally develop themselves by seizing business opportunities and using them to

improve personal management and showcasing skills. The course also targets commercial

professionals aspiring to consider every potential client as a challenge that will help their

performance and their careers.

Target Competencies

Account qualification

Customer relationship management

Re-engineering of commercial processes

Customer service

Marketing of products and services

Business planning

Lead generation

Writing business proposals


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