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Aggressive Market Penetration Strategies for FMCG/B2C

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Aggressive Market Penetration Strategies for FMCG/B2C

March 23, 2022
March 25, 2022
The Professional Place: 12B Olumoroti Street Gbagada Phase 11, By Gbagada Expressway Gbagada, Lagos Nigeria.   View map
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Achieving outstanding sales results in an increasingly competitive world is a difficult task. Only by establishing a modern sales force management system and by training sales management personnel effectively, can today’s firm compete.

This is a two-day sales and marketing training helps in creating intense and offensive market drive. With speed, the sales and marketing persons must:

Generate awareness for the company’s products/services
Achieve consistent brand visibility across the given target market
Maximize sales volume/target delivery and achieve the company’s objectives
Grow market share for the brands

Course Methodology


The course relies on the use of a variety of case studies and exercises to develop a consistent approach to sales team management. Group presentations and self-assessment tools will also be used to create a shared language around key sales management competencies.

Course Objectives


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

* Demonstrate traits of an excellent sales manager facing modern market challenges

* Design and deliver sales strategies, organize sales territories, and use different forecasting models to optimize sales results

* Appraise and train the sales team to generate increased sales and profits

* Conduct effective sales coaching and counseling sessions

* Use their leadership and team-building abilities to improve sales and retain people

* Carry out productive sales performance reviews and use a wide array of sales performance evaluation models

Target Audience

The course is designed for sales managers and directors who have a desire to increase their team’s overall performance, productivity and profitability. It is also directed towards managers who want to increase the value they deliver to their sales reps and organization. Finally, the course will be a perfect fit for sales professionals new to, or considering a move to, a managerial role.

Target Competencies


* Aggressive market drive

* Sales planning & penetration strategies

* Territory and key account management

* Sales team management

* Sales performance evaluation

* Sales leadership & Sales coaching skills

* Team building and management

* Forecasting techniques


Personal Selling Skills

* The Selling Process – Call plans

* Developing Probing skills

* Effective Objections Handling

* How well do you Know the Customer?

* Sales challenges and sales differentiators

* Planning and Implementing the Sales Strategy

* Planning the market prospecting

* Developing the right objectives

* Identify customers’ REAL interests

* Prioritize the customers: The Key Accounts Approach


Sales Territory Management

* Territory Delineation

* Route Planning

* Achieving Sales Target for the period

* Understanding your Product-Market and Competitive Move

* Adding new prospects and deleting “dogs” customer

* Profitable Negotiation Tactics

* Rules of Commercial Negotiation

* No Negotiation when Selling is unsure

* Increase level of customer needs first

* Concession Strategies in Negotiation


Developing the Major Accounts

  • Qualifying Customers – Criteria for Prioritising
    • Potential size of the account
    • History of patronage
    • Previous relationships on other platforms
    • Pressing need for product/service
    • Clear cost-benefit relationship – positive attitude
    • Financial soundness of the customer
    • Customer accessibility.
  • Merchandising
    • Checking the storerooms for stocks
    • Maximizing on-shelf availability and product visibility
    • Effective product placement.


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