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Sales BootCamp Nigeria™

Sales BootCamp Nigeria is a Sales Training Academy promoting industries productivity by enabling Sales performance through the development of Sales Professionals. Sales BootCamp brings you topical issues affecting Sales performance and helps to train and develop strong competencies and practical skills needed by your salesforce to succeed in the field of marketing and selling. It is a program designed and developed for all level of Sales Professionals from entry level to very senior. At Sales BootCamp, we teach new and proven Sales Methodologies that enable our delegates excel in selling. 

Sales BootCamp Nigeria is the brainchild of McTimothy Associates, the leading Management Consulting, Training and Human Capital Management firm in Nigeria. Sales BootCamp Nigeria is a Sales Training intervention program from the stable of McTimothy Associates Consulting LLC. It is a Training intervention initiative designed to help companies in Nigeria to achieve their business growth imperatives through effective and impressive Sales Performance. Through Sales BootCamp Nigeria Academy, We are happy to help salespeople to develop deep insight and competence into the art of selling while helping the selling industry/organization maximize returns on investment by developing a WorldClass sales curriculum and bringing subject matter experts to share their knowledge, time, skills & competence with your sales workforce. 

We are committed to enabling growth in Sales Performance through the consistent development of Sales and Marketing professionals in Nigeria. Sales BootCamp Nigeria will always bring you topical issues in selling profession based on research, experience and industry best-practice. 

As a Sales Training Academy we work with experts and industries leaders in Sales Training Development, Marketing and Brand Management Trainers to deliver top-notch Sales Training to our Clients. 


To become Africa’s number #1 Specialized Sales Academy in the field of Salesforce Development, Industrial Growth and Societal Development. 


To be the engine-room that enables effective & sustainable Sales performance and productivity across industries in Africa by consistently developing Sales Professionals. 


Our Four Pillar Objectives of Sales BootCamp: 

There are four pillar objectives that Sales BootCamp seeks to achieve for your organization: 

  • To Develop Deeper Professionalism among your Salespeople 
  • Enhance Greater Productivity by increasing the skills of your salesforce. 
  • Instils Confidence & Competence among sales force. 
  • Promote Sustainable Return on Investment (ROI) for your company. 


Delivery Methodologies 

  1. Board-room Lectures
  2. Syndicate Sessions
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Case Studies
  5. Video Case
  6. Role-play

Course Categories

You can choose from a wide range of courses and qualification levels, whether you are an Entry Level, Experienced or Senior Manager.